SUPERIOR sourcing A/S HSEQ-system is subject to continuous improvement and maintenance through our policies, goals, risk assessments, audits.

Superior HSEQ Focus

Superior A/S is committed to focus on HSEQ and acting in accordance to all legal standards, creating a safe workplace for our employees. Superior A/S has a HSE-system based on and in compliance with NORSOK S-006 and environment system is based on and in compliance with ISO 14001 Our Quality Assurance (QA) system in compliance with ISO 9001

Vision & values

Superior Solutions A/S vision and values define our clients.

Health, Safety and Environment

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is about promoting security, job satisfaction and health and safety at work.


Superior Solutions A/S recognizes its social responsibility to contribute as a taxpayer in the countries where business is conducted. We are committed to comply with the tax laws and regulations in all countries where we operate


Creative Sparring

Many of our customers find that we help ensure forward-looking solutions that optimize the overall output for you as a customer

Effective Team Work

We are flexible and professional and our conversion staff enable us to adapt to changing needs. We do this with great focus on ensuring quality.

Expert Advice

We’re seeking to answer every e-mail & phonecall as fast and soon as possible. Contact us today, and we'll be in touch soon. Thanks!

Quality Assurance

Further we ensure that all candidates we supply or recruits have the required skills, training and certification for the job