About Us

Superior Sourcing A/S provides quality project management and
consultancy services to all industries, especially within Oil & Gas
and Renewable Energy Industry.

Welcome to Superior

One of our core values is the creative sparring that is a natural part of our set-up. In other words, we can help with your needs and provide quality savings. This means that
many of our customers find that we help ensure forward-looking solutions that optimize the overall output for you as a customer. We can only create what we do by being flexible and professional, which are also two core values. 

Our field of business

The market is interchangeable, but our conversion staff enable us to adapt to changing needs. We do this with great focus on ensuring quality.

Best & Leading Industrial

The superior goal is to deliver the right candidate for your job. Further we ensure that all candidates we supply or recruits have the required skills, training and certification for the job.

We provide great, on time services to our valuable customers.